Advising sellers and buyers in Korea since 1998, ARIA‘s professionals provide in-depth analysis on insurable risk issues that impact a deal’s financial modeling, valuation, and post-close risk management practices.

ARIA ensures that transaction related risk is mitigated cost effectively, transparently, on time, and with the highest degree of confidentiality for mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, and exits.

Deal Experience

  • 35+ years of domestic, inbound, and outbound M&A risk experience
  • Advised on over USD $30 billion of Korea related M&A transactions
  • Largest Transaction: USD 3.2 billion
  • Assisted clients across a wide range of transaction sizes, types, and industry groups
  • Warranty and Indemnity Insurance W&I Insurance

    A tool for buyers and sellers to transfer the risk of liability that is created by the warranties and indemnities in an acquisition agreement, to a creditworthy insurance company. 

  • Tax Liability Insurance

    Protection from uncertainty regarding the tax treatment relating to a change in ownership of a company, reorganizations, or the historic tax positions taken by a company or its consolidated tax group.

  • Contingent Liability Insurance

    Transfer the risk of actual or potential contingent liability losses to an insurance policy thereby eliminating future financial exposure.

  • Environmental Liability Insurance

    Transfer actual or potential environmental risks to an insurance policy to ring fence future financial exposure.

  • IPO Liability Insurance

    Protect corporate directors, officers, and executives from misrepresentations and other errors made throughout the IPO process

  • M&A Due Diligence on Insurable Risks

    Identify issues that can have a significant impact on the target’s valuation and post-close insurance costs

    M&A Due Diligence on Insurable Risks
  • Portfolio Company Risk Management

    Protects value and reduces the chance of embarrassing surprises that could damage fund ROI and tarnish the fund’s reputation.

    Portfolio Company Risk Management
  • Fund Level Risk Management

    Protects the fund’s founders, directors, officers, and executives from personal liability and preserves the firm’s ROI.

    Fund Level Risk Management
  • Outsourced Risk and Insurance Management

    Protect your fund’s financial performance and reputation.

    Outsourced Risk and Insurance Management