Insurance Due Diligence

ARIA provides in-depth analysis on insurable risk issues that impact a target’s financial modeling, valuation, post-close risk management practices, and, when appropriate, readiness for re-sale.


  • Identify target company insurable risks and related costs
  • Evaluate coverage adequacy and un-insured / over-insured risks
  • Review internal risk management practices
  • Vet insurance procurement practices
  • Advise on insurance related wording in the SPA and its related impact
  • Design post-close risk management and insurance program
  • Estimate post-close risk costs for modeling and valuation purposes
  • Provide 100-day risk management and insurance plan
  • Deliver due diligence report for investment committee and lenders

Insurance Due Diligence in Korea

ARIA’s insurance specialists have been executing due diligence on target and portfolio companies in South Korea since 1998. Insurance DD is an often-overlooked part of evaluating target companies yet it can identify issues that can have a significant impact on the target’s valuation and post-close insurance costs.

Insurance DD

Over the years, ARIA’s DD work in Korea has identified target company insurance cost saving opportunities, improved coverage for post-close operations, better protected directors and officers, and uncovered questionable procurement practices.