• Warranty and Indemnity Insurance W&I Insurance

    A tool for buyers and sellers to transfer the risk of liability that is created by the warranties and indemnities in an acquisition agreement, to a creditworthy insurance company. 

  • Tax Liability Insurance

    Protection from uncertainty regarding the tax treatment relating to a change in ownership of a company, reorganizations, or the historic tax positions taken by a company or its consolidated tax group.

  • Contingent Liability Insurance

    Transfer the risk of actual or potential contingent liability losses to an insurance policy thereby eliminating future financial exposure.

  • Environmental Liability Insurance

    Transfer actual or potential environmental risks to an insurance policy to ring fence future financial exposure.

  • IPO Liability Insurance

    Protect corporate directors, officers, and executives from misrepresentations and other errors made throughout the IPO process

  • M&A Due Diligence on Insurable Risks

    Identify issues that can have a significant impact on the target’s valuation and post-close insurance costs

    M&A Due Diligence on Insurable Risks
  • Portfolio Company Risk Management

    Protects value and reduces the chance of embarrassing surprises that could damage fund ROI and tarnish the fund’s reputation.

    Portfolio Company Risk Management
  • Fund Level Risk Management

    Protects the fund’s founders, directors, officers, and executives from personal liability and preserves the firm’s ROI.

    Fund Level Risk Management
  • Outsourced Risk and Insurance Management

    Protect your fund’s financial performance and reputation.

    Outsourced Risk and Insurance Management